Bridal Dance Lessons

The Bridal Waltz is one of those things that a lot couples overlook or push the idea to the side and then later regret. While some couples prefer the traditional wedding format or something different and creative, you too, can finish off the night with some elegant ballroom poses or shake it out to Latin American style music.

It all comes down to ‘The Dancing Lessons'.

Most people say they can't dance, but only because they haven't learnt to listen to their inner rhythm. Your chosen dance teacher will have the ability to break down an individual's movement and correct them, in order to make that individual feel more comfortable, and in time, will build up their confidence.

Starting your lessons 6-8 weeks prior to your special day is the best option. This allows 3-6 hours of dancing lessons over that time. A lot of couples just want to learn a very basic routine in the proper dance hold, to avoid that awkward moment of not knowing what they're doing.

This is the best part… choose your favourite song, and we'll choreograph something for you. Although, we'll need to obtain the dimensions of the dance floor so we know how much room you have. If you can't decide between a couple of song, you could always join the songs together and we'll teach you two different dances.

For a bit of fun, get your bridal party to come in for one or two lessons and learn a group dance, at the completion on your bridal song(s).

So, here is what you'll need prior to your first ballroom dance lesson together:

•  Your favourite song(s) – on a CD, phone or MP3 player,
•  Dance floor dimensions – along with layout of the venue,
•  Your wedding shoes – to practice in,
•  Also a dress hoop – if needed.

I must say, the best thing about ballroom dance lessons is that you'll both learn something together, making the whole experience more magical and unforgettable.

Kind Regards,
Glen Strauss
Managing Director @ AWDC
Mob: 0402 459 321


Single Private Lessons
1/2 Hour Lesson :: $34 *
1 Hour Lesson :: $64 *

Our Bridal Packages especially for you!
Private Lessons - Total of 3 Hours :: $177 **
Private Lessons - Total of 6 Hours :: $336 **
Private Lessons - Total of 10 Hours :: $540 **

*A 50% cancellation fee will incur if a booked private lesson is cancelled within 12 hours prior to the time of that private lesson. The cancellation fee is $17 for a half an hour private lesson, and $34 for an hour private lesson.
If your lesson is cancelled within 2 hours prior to the private lesson, full fee will be charged upon your next private lesson/class.

** The bridal packages are designed to help you perfect your bridal dance before the big day. While the lessons are made at a cheaper rate, the package fee is non-refundable.

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Payment secures your booking.