Débutante Training

We welcome all schools, churches and organisations.
For a professionally trained débutante ball, please call Glen for your next event.

Glen Strauss - 0402 459 321
Studio Proprietor / Managing Director / Dance Teachers
Email: glen@awdancecentre.com.au

Niki Strauss - 0408 515 631
Managing Director / Dance Instructor
Email: niki@awdancecentre.com.au


What we can cover during training

  • Training of specific ballroom dances
  • Introductory & walking choreography
  • Music selections

  • Dance Choices

  • Parma Waltz
  • Tracie Leigh Waltz
  • Swing Waltz
  • Lucille Waltz
  • Evening 3 Step
  • Gypsy Tap
  • Merrilyn
  • Carousel
  • Charmaine
  • Tangoette
  • Cha Cha Cha
  • Rumba
  • Jive (Mumbo)

  • The definition of a Débutante

    A débutante (from the French débutante, "female beginner") is a young lady who has reached the age of maturity, and as a new adult, is introduced to society at a formal "début" presentation. Originally, it meant the young woman was eligible to marry, and part of the purpose was to display her to eligible bachelors and their families with a view to marriage within a select upper class circle. Débutantes may be recommended by a distinguished committee or sponsored by an established member of elite society.

    Début presentations vary by regional culture and are also frequently referenced as débutante balls, cotillion balls or coming-out parties. A lone débutante might have her own début, or she might share it with a sister or other close relative. Modern débutante balls are often charity events: the parents of the débutante donate a certain amount of money to the designated cause, and the invited guests pay for their tickets. These balls may be elaborate formal affairs and involve not only "debs" but junior débutantes, escorts and ushers, flower girls and pages as well.

    In Australia, débutante balls (or colloquially deb balls) are held in year 11 or 12 for students of Australian schools or are held outside the school system by organisations such as the local chapter of Lions Club, RSL sub-branches or a local church parish. Girls do not have to 'make their deb’ and today the vast majority of Australian girls elect not to attend débutante balls. The tradition of the débutante ball is primarily seen as rite of passage for young ladies.

    It is customary for the female to ask a male to the débutante ball, with males not being able to do the deb, unless they are asked. Débutante ball students who are partaking in the official proceedings must learn how to ballroom dance. Débutante balls are almost always held in a reception centre or ballroom. Usually they are held late in the year and consist of dinner, dancing and speeches. Schools often restrict invitations to the débutante ball to students within the grade level at one school.

    The girl wears a white wedding dress-like ball gown, called a débutante dress, while the boy wears a tuxedo or suit.

    Resorce: Wikipedia - the free encylopedia.

    27 Mar - St. Paul's College
    18 Sep - Albury District

    02 Apr - St Paul's College
    13 Aug - Albury District
    17 Sep - Albury District
    24 Sep - Albury District

    30 Mar - St Paul's College
    04 May - St Stephen's Anglican

    11 May - St Stephen's Anglican
    18 Aug - Albury District
    14 Sep - Albury District
    15 Sep - Albury District
    22 Sep - Albury District

    05 Apr - St Paul's College
    12 Apr - Sacred Heart
    04 May - Galen Catholic College
    11 May - Galen Catholic College
    17 May - St Stephen's Anglican

    24 May - St Stephen's Anglican
    07 Jun - St Andrew's Presb.
    22 Jun - Albury District
    27 Aug - Rand/Walbundrie
    16 Aug - Albury District
    17 Aug - Albury District
    13 Sep - Albury District
    14 Sep - Albury District

    29 Mar - St Paul's College
    11 Apr - Sacred Heart
    16 May - Albury District
    17 May - Albury District
    30 May - St Andrew's Presb.
    18 Jul - Albury District
    19 Jul - Albury District
    12 Sep - Albury District

    20 Mar - St Paul's College
    10 Apr - Sacred Heart
    09 May - Rand/Walbundrie
    15 May - Albury District
    16 May - Albury District
    29 May - St Andrew's Presb.
    17 Jul - Albury District
    18 Jul - Albury District
    07 Aug - Wod. Sen. Secondary
    04 Sep - Anglican Parish
    05 Sep - Anglican Parish
    11 Sep - Albury District
    12 Sep - Albury District

    19 Mar - St Paul's College
    8 Apr - Sacred Heart
    6 May - Albury District
    7 May - Albury District
    3 Jun - Albury District
    15 Jul - Albury District
    16 Jul - Albury District
    3 Sep - Anglican Parish
    9 Sep - Albury District
    10 Sep - Albury District