Private Lessons

If you feel awkward with dancing around other people or need some further tuition, then a private lesson could be the answer. Having the one-on-one tuition, allows the individual to focus on their goals, with the instructor's full attention.

Private lessons are to be booked by appointment amongst between you and your instructor and are not to be during our classes times as they need the whole floor.

A private lesson covers up to 4 people ($16 each). If someone doesn't turn up for the arranged lesson, then lesson cost will need to be covered by attended people.

More than 4 people for a private lesson will become a private class @ $15 per person. If number of attended becomes 4 or less, then it becomes a private lesson again and will be charged at the full price listed below.

Please read our Cancellation Policy (listed below contacts on this page)

1/2 Hour Lesson :: $34
1 Hour Lesson :: $64

Total of 5 Hours :: $305
Total of 10 Hours :: $595

Glen Strauss - 0402 459 321
Studio Proprietor / Managing Director / Ballroom Coach & Adjudicator

Bronwyn Robertson - 0419 292 391
Ballroom Teacher & Adjudicator

Chris Cambey - 0438 837 259
Ballroom Assistant Instructor

Megan Reid-Tonkin - 0447 212 119
Ballroom Assistant Instructor

Cancellation Policy
A 50% cancellation fee will incur if a booked private lesson is cancelled within 12 hours prior to the time of that private lesson. The cancellation fee is $18 for a half an hour private lesson, and $34 for an hour private lesson.
If your lesson is cancelled within 2 hours prior to the private lesson, full fee will be charged upon your next private lesson/class.